Welcome to the Richmond Area Quilters Guild. Our vibrant, creative guild is made up of 125 members!

Our meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month, at 7:30pm. Visitors are welcome. Fee is $5 for visitors. Meeting are held at the Richmond Legion on Ottawa St. in Richmond, Ontario; 6430 Ottawa Street, Richmond Ontario.

All of the meetings open with a social time at 7:15 pm and the meeting starts at 7:30pm. Please remember to bring your mug so that you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Each month there will be a sign up sheet on the goodie counter so you can take a turn bringing the goodies. The December and June meetings are a pot luck and these meetings start at 7pm.

Did you know that the 4th Duke of Richmond was the Governor General of Canada and Commander over all His Majesty’s possessions in North America from 1818, until his death at the military settlement of Richmond, on Aug 28, 1819 at the age of 55? He was supposedly bitten by a rabid fox and died. There is a stone monument along Richmond Road near Steeple Hill Rd, just near Twin Elm Rd. marking the site where he resided and died. The fox is seen on village signs as well as on our Guild logo!

Some of the activities of the
Guild include:

Quilties: This is a charity project to make 24 x 24 inch quilties for the special needs babies at the Queensway Carleton hospital. Since November 1999, the Richmond Area Quilters Guild has donated more than 3,000 quilties to the Queensway Carleton Hospital. Contact Lisa Hall.


The Guild has an excellent library available to members. Books in the collection can be viewed at: The Library Thing


Our limit is 125 members. Visitors fee is $5 for the evening. You can order a Guild name tag from Kathi Kerr; these must be prepaid, $10. At each meeting you must sign in at the membership table just inside the hall.

In November the Guild purchases (makes a donation for) a wreath from the Legion. This wreath is laid at the service Nov 11, at Memorial Park in Richmond.


Charity Work

The Guild prides itself in being a strong supporter of the community and achieves this through numerous activities. The first group quilt made by the Guild members was donated to the Goulbourn Museum’s quilt collection as part of the history of quilting in the area. Over the years full size bed quilts have been given to Operation Go Home, Habitat for Humanity, The Humane Society, Quilts of Valour and to Breast Cancer Support Services for fund raising purposes. There have also been 39 quilts donated to the Richmond Lodge for use by the residents.

Today, the Guild has a number of members involved in various charity ventures.  Some of our ongoing endeavours include:

Quilties: This is a charity project to make 24-inch square small quilts for the special needs babies at the Special Care Nursery of the Queensway Carleton Hospital.

Members use this as an opportunity to try out a pattern or a technique, as babies don’t mind that you’re practicing. If we don’t have time to make a full quiltie, we bring in a top, or donate some fabric for another member to make these wee quilts.

Since November of 1999, members of the Richmond Area Quilters Guild have donated over 3,000 quilties to the hospital.

Summer Challenge: Each summer the executive challenges members to make squares with a special theme or technique.  These are then sewn together by a member in the fall and the resulting quilt is completed and donated to a charity or given to a cause such as Victoria’s Quilts Canada who give quilts to people suffering from cancer.

Christmas Charity Drives: In December, our members donate various supplies and gifts to a charity chosen for that year.  In the past we have assisted groups such as the Carlington Family Shelter, the Odawa Native Friendship Centre, and Nelson House.

Food Drives: The Guild holds food drives in both November and May to support the local food banks.  Both supplies and money are appreciated by these groups to assist families in the Richmond area.

WIP—Work in Progress

WIP DAY Sunday, October 23

A special one day retreat for all of you PFC’s (Professional Fabric Collectors). Bring along your WIP’s (Works in Progress), your PHD’s (Projects Half Done) or you PIG’s (Projects in Grocery Bags). Each one of these will be completed much faster with the assistance of the IQ’s (Interesting Quilters) that will join you for fun, food and sewing at the community centre in southwest Ottawa.
Where – Pierce’s Corners (near North Gower)
When- Sunday, October 23 8:30 – 4:00
Cost - $30.00 (Cash to Lynn)
Details –
Irons and ironing boards will be provided. Lunch and snacks, tea and coffee will be served. There will be mentors there to assist you to finish your project if necessary. You bring your project (BTW this can be any type of handwork), sewing kit, machine, extension cord, power bar, pop, water, cup and your sense of humour.
Sign Up – Fill in the registration form that you will find in the newsletter and at the first meeting in September. Give it to Lynn with your registration fee or send the form to her at Lynn and give her the fee at the RAQG September meeting.
As we will be trying a new lunch this fall, please let Lynn know of any allergies.
(I have gluten free and seafood on my list at all times).
A map and further details will be emailed to those who sign up.
For further details, call Lynn at 613 836 4876

Mark your calendar: The other dates that have been booked are: Saturday, February 11 and Sunday, April 30. I have been told it will not snow on those dates!

Show and Tell

This is the best part!! Bring a quilt that you have made to show to us all. It inspires us to see the talents that we have in our group! At the November and May meetings, we have a food drive for the shelter. At Christmas we help a local charity with gifts of toiletries, chocolate etc. Winter coats and jackets are always useful in the fall. If you are a newer member you may not know that we have donated quilts to Harmony House so that each bed has a cheery quilt. There are Eye-Spy quilts for the children’s corner as well.

As the fall turns to winter it is necessary to remove our outdoor footwear when entering the Legion Hall. We ask you to bring a plastic bag (put a piece of newspaper in it to absorb drips) to put your boots into during the meeting. Just place it under your chair during the meeting. If you are aware of a member who is in need of a note or card from the Guild, please let us know. You can call Ann McLean during the day at 613 838 5541. This is very helpful, as we are not always aware of all the events in our members lives.

Block of the Month

Our new block of the Month leader, Nancy Sprules, will have different ideas for us to make blocks that can be incorporated into a Canada 150 quilt. Each month she will have a pattern or technique to demonstrate and we will then make the block for ourselves and bring our work to the next meeting to "show". At the end of the quilting year we will have ten blocks to incorporate into a quilt.

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